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Investment Criteria

We believe in building lasting, productive relationships with entrepreneurs and portfolio companies, and in making investments based on integrity, mutual respect and common sense.

At Altira, we're always seeking compelling companies to enhance our portfolio — from companies that are building the next generation of breakthrough technologies for oil and gas exploration and production to companies that are providing innovative advantaged services to the oilfield.

What, specifically, are we looking for?

Altira makes $5-$30 million investments in advantaged oil and gas service and technology companies. Typical investments are in venture/growth equity stage companies with revenue, offering a clear sight to profitability. Altira prefers to be the lead investor, taking impactful investment positions to help management drive company success. The key profile qualities include:

Solid Management Team - Portfolio company management teams play a key role in our collective success, so we look for teams whose membership:

  • Has a proven track record of starting and growing emerging companies
  • Works together seamlessly, complementing our collaborative style
  • Consistently leads with integrity and respect for its employees
  • Is interested in building their wealth through equity appreciation
  • Invests its own capital, giving it significant "skin in the game" and aligning interests

Compelling Value Proposition – Customers in the energy industry can be slow to embrace change. As a result, Altira is looking for new technology products and advantaged service offerings that provide a significant measurable improvement over the status quo.

Competitive Advantage – We prefer to invest in companies whose:

  • Proprietary technology or business process provides them with a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Intellectual property represents their core competency, and is accordingly protected by patents, copyrights, trade secrets, or other methods

Ability to Leverage Our O&G Operator Partners – Ability to leverage the spend of our operator partners to procure instant customers, scale business and accelerate growth.

Significant Markets & Return Potential – We carefully evaluate and scrutinize the return potential of every business opportunity presented to us, because we know that not every great idea is suitable and will provide the high returns we seek. In anticipation of our rigorous due-diligence process, portfolio companies should be prepared to demonstrate significant addressable markets that provide attractive return potential.

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