Frequently Asked Questions

Does Altira invest in exploration and production or other infrastructure projects?
No. We invest only in energy technology and advantaged service companies.

Will Altira invest in a publicly held company? 
No. We invest in privately held corporations. We require a company to be a C-corporation, but often the company will convert or incorporate as part of the funding process.

Does Altira invest in a specific geographic region?
We invest throughout North America, and currently have investments in the United States and Canada. We will consider investments outside North America when appropriate.

What is the minimum / maximum you will invest in a company? 
Our initial investment may be as little as $5 million to as much as $30 million, depending on the company and its financing plan and future financing needs. We like to lead our investments, but will also actively build a syndicate to finance companies where appropriate.

How do you interact with a company once you have invested? 
We typically take a seat on the Board of Directors of the company. We expect to be actively involved with the management and in the operations of the company, but do not try to take a management role (that's why we invest in great management teams!).

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